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Tip Tuesday

Hey Sus have you ever thought to yourself ....hmmmm I would love to wear that. But yea you no that famous word (but) we love to use yea that one.But it's just not you're style. Sus trying something new has nothing to do with abandoning your current style. It's all about switching it up. Join me each and every thursday @8 live on facebook switching up styles wear smile we talk all things style......see you soon #switchingupstyles

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Style tip sunday

Hey sus ....dont get caught up in who or what you are instead focus on what you are becoming #switchingupstyles tampa boutique

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Life in quarantine....

Hey sus so this is my first blog most. Hopefully one of many more to come. I was sitting here on my tablet going thru my photos. I came across this pik. On one of many of my trips to new york. I can remember looking at all the names here so Im sitting here just thinking how many more lives have been affected by this pandemic.And so that brings me to this my susters just LIVE Life its so precious.

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